Who I am.

I am a Denver native who is passionate about many things. Graphic design initially peaked my interest in the arts, as I spent hours aspiring to create works as inspirational as those I idolized. I never used tutorials as it was always important that my style was of my own accord. Graphic design acted as my gateway into the arts world. It led me initially to web design and subsequently to landscape architecture. These fields complimented not only my artistic interest, but also my mechanical background. I was raised with an engineers mindset. My father emphasized that we understand how things work and that we should be able to fix them if they break. I believe that this problem solving mindset helped round my design ideals. Logical and efficient design often characterizes my work. I can appreciate something that only serves to be visually appealing, as I can also appreciate something that is extremely functional. However, what I most appreciate is something that appeases both qualities.

A professor once said, "If you can design a landscape, you can design anything." I interpreted these words to mean that design is without bounds. It is something you are born with. I find that qualities of design including color, pattern, hierarchy, order, scale, spatial arrangement, etc. all transcend boundaries of specific fields. This has provoked additional interest in photography, fashion, interior design and architecture. I believe that as one inspires their mind with new art forms and experiences, the greater they will excel in those they choose to focus on.